Winter by Teenage Fanclub Ukulele Chords

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Winter chords has rhythm and included in Songs From Northern Britain (1997) album.
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Winter by Teenage Fanclub Ukulele Chords

rman Blake)


>From the “Songs From Northern Britain” album
Transcribed by Graham Smith and Tim Ford
(based on a transcription by “” with
corrections and additions)
Corrections and comments welcomed at


Note: capo 1st fret and play the chord shapes indicated.
Normal tuning.

The summer was out of sight
We couldn’t sleep at [D//D7//]night
Shadows were closing in
Back in the dark again
Basement we didn’t own
Cut off the tele[D//D7//]phone
Ceiling was falling down
Em7 A(riff)
Winter was underground

Is there a world we can [A////A//]find
A hidden [Em7////Em7//Bm//A////A//G//]place, is in our minds

Place where the water falls
Nobody ever [D//D7//]calls
Sky is forever clear
Road never made it here
Forests are deep and green
Like nothing we’ve ever [D//D7//]seen
Heavens revolving sin
Em7 A(riff)
Seasons change everything





A riff, single down strokes on chords


Main solo, repeat X2 (may not be note perfect!)


Chords; all fret positions re

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