What Did He Say? by Victor Wooten Ukulele Chords

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What Did He Say? by Victor Wooten Ukulele Chords

Victor Wooten – What did he say?
PS i’ll be tabbing victor’s ‘the loneliest monk’ soon
What did he say?
Victor Wooten
tabbed by Phil (runechild@aol.com)
Ok, here’s the deal, Vic recorded the album ‘what did he say?’ by himself
for the most part (with guest musicians for drums and what not) and if
you will notice, there’s more than one bass in there, but he’s the only
person playing the bass in all the songs. he recorded several tracks
over each other, but it’s still just him, thus, not all the song is here,
but this is the main part; you can play this and it will still sound good.
The verse parts are not 100% accurate, but those are the notes he uses,
if you improvise, it sounds just as good and hey, it’s almost like jamming
with Victor 🙂 Note: the slaps and pops: you can slap/pop them or just
pluck with your fingers, it’s up to you.

For the most part, this is accurate.
+ slap
– pop
/ upslide
^ bend
h hammer-on
p pull off (?: reverse hammer-on)
x muted note

Intro Verse (improvise! each one is different)


Chorus (play twice)[+][-][-][-][-][-][+]


– + – – – – + ^
(chorus cont’d)


Interlude (play 3 or 4 times)


For the rest of the song, just improvise along the same notes that
have been used for most of the song, it still sounds good and it
really is like jamming with one of the greats 🙂

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