Train Long Gone by Randy Travis Ukulele Chords

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Train Long Gone by Randy Travis Ukulele Chords

Train Long Gone–Randy Travis feat. Dennis Linde
written by Dennis Linde
Corrections welcome.

INTRO: G Cadd9 D (4x)

Gone, well I hate how that word
Rattles all around in this room
Alone, with her memory so strong
I could sweep it up with a broom
Tears, if I shed anymore
I’m afraid they might wear out my face
Clear, yes it’s clear to me now
That her love can never be replaced

Love may be gone but never forgotten
The memory won’t leave you alone
And the train may be long gone from the station
But you still hear the whistle m[G-D]oan

Still hear the whistle moan

Time, time got so slow and thick
That the clock hardly ticks anymore
Crime, it’s a crime how I sit here
And stare like a dog at the door
Blame, yes I’ll take the blame
I admit I did not treat her right
Shame, it’s a shame layin’ here
All alone on this cold windy night




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