Shredder Sequel by Little Wings Ukulele Chords

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Shredder Sequel by Little Wings Ukulele Chords

-first play Emaj,C#m7,Amaj,B7 for the first part

the shredders skate ramp will be spared,
but he’ll have to cut his long hair
and the tinnies that he used to wear will so
soon be replaced by two soles made of air
and though its just been a short while,
his maneuvers have gone out of style
his shorts are too short yea for sure he was
wild but the kids today laugh when they see

-then play a F#m, G#maj, Amaj, D7 for the second part.

that the shredders not what he was

his buddies believe its because

that last spill left him shook up, he’s had enough

concretes unkind, he sadly sighs behind the wheel of his hatchback he cries

-B7 brings you back into the first chord progression.

all of my buddies have fled
and now its alone that i shred
i drive around everyday listening to music i already have in my head
these culdesacs still have their way
in my heart at the end of the day
and i act like i don’t hear a thing when i ride past those parking lots i hear them say that

(second chord progression)
the shredder is not what he seems when he’s frightened he casually leans he’ll
all the skin off his knee right before he brushes the dirt and that doesn’t hurt but
got tears in his eyes when he sleeps
tears in his eyes when he sleeps

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To play the this songs, including Shredder Sequel by Little Wings by ukulele, the most crucial basic ukulele chords to learn are C chord, D chord, G chord, and Em chord.
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