Saturday Night by Herman Brood Ukulele Chords

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Saturday Night by Herman Brood Ukulele Chords

HERMAN BROOD Saturday Night (from Slipr:tsz, 1978)

cursivelet chords ring

Mainriff (bass D pedal)

[D5/A] [F5/C] [G5/D] [D5/A]

E --------------|--------------|
B 3-----6-------|8-----3-------|
G 2-----5-------|7-----2-------|
D --000-----000-|--000-----000-|
A --------------|--------------|
E --------------|--------------|

Mainriff with transition to chorus

E --------------|--------------------|
B 3-----6-------|8-----3-------------|
G 2-----5-------|7-----2-------------|
D --000-----000-|--000---3-2-1-0-----|
A --------------|----------------3-2-|
E --------------|--------------------|

Chorus guitar

[Am7/C] [D/F#]

E --------------|--------------|
B ------5-------|--------------|
G 2-----5-------|------2-------|
D 2-----5-------|4-----2-------|
A 0---0-0-------|5---0-0-------|
E --------------|--------------|

Chorus bass

G --------------|------------------|
D ------5---4h5-|4-----------------|
A 0---x---------|----x-0-----------|
E --------------|---------0-3--3-5~|

Solo (search out for yourself!, sorry)/basslines:

1 x: E – D – G – D
3 x: D – F – G – D

Outro (bass plays basic notes)

E --------------|--------------|--------------|--------------|
B ------5-------|------3-------|------3-------|--------------|
G ----7----7----|----5----5----|----4----4----|--------------|
D --7--------7--|--5-----------|--4--------4--|--------------|
A 5-------------|3-------------|2-------------|--------------|
E --------------|--------------|--------------|-6~-5~-3~-1~--|

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To play the this songs, including Saturday Night by Herman Brood by ukulele, the most important basic ukulele chords to learn are C chord, D chord, G chord, and Em chord.
These set you up to play a many of songs, and each of them is easy to master.

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