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If you are searching for I’ve Had Enough ukulele chords, you have come to the right place.
You can play versatile instrument I’ve Had Enough using ukulele or guitar.
This song by The Who can also be played by that instruments.

I’ve Had Enough chords has rhythm and included in Quadrophenia (1973) album.
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I’ve Had Enough by The Who Ukulele Chords

Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 19:20:20 EST
Subject: CRD: Ive_had_enough BY: Who (replaces same, referenced below)

I’ve Had Enough
by The Who
>From Quadrophenia, 1973
Written by Pete Townshend

Originally transcribed by Kenny Sahr

revised by

G/D xx0433
A/D xx0655
Bb/D xx0766
C/D xx0988 and xx0553
Bm/C xx0777 and xx0543
F6 xx3231
Dm6 xx0201


[G/D] [A/D] [Bb/D] [C/D] [Bm/C] [C/D]
[G/D]You were under the im[A/D]pression
That when you were walking for[Bb/D]wards
That you’d end up further on[C/D]wards,
But things ain’t quite that simple

You got altered information, you were told to not take chances,
You missed out on new dances, now you’re losing all your dimples.

[A/] [A/]
My jacket’s gonna be cut slim and checked,
Maybe a touch of seersucker with an open neck.
I ride a GS Scooter with my hair cut neat,
I wear my wartime coat in the wind and sleet

Love, rain o’er me, rain on me.

Love, reign o’er me,


I’ve had enough of livin’, I’ve had enough of dyin’,
I’ve had enough of smilin’, had enough of crying…

I’ve taken all the high roads, I’ve squandered and I’ve saved
I’ve had enough of childhood, I’ve had enough of graves… (repeat)

Get a job and fight to keep it, strike out to reach a mountain,
Be so nice on the outside, but inside keep ambition

Don’t cry because you hunt them, hurt them first, they’ll love you,
There’s a millionaire above you, and you’re under his suspicion

I’ve had enough of dancehalls, I’ve had enough of pills,
I’ve had enough of streetfights, I’ve seen my share of kills
I’m finished with the fashions and actin’ like I’m tough,
I’m bored with hate and passion, I’ve had enough of trying to love


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