I Call It Love by Mel McDaniel Ukulele Chords

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I Call It Love by Mel McDaniel Ukulele Chords

I Call It Love
By Mel McDaniel

Two young kids, a night in May
A country road and a Chevrolet,
Beneath the summer moon
Almost a woman, almost a man
Things like this get out of hand
Seventeen, and that’s too soon

You can call it youth
And blame it on the night
You can call it life
And say that it’s not right
You can call it foolish
Blame it on the stars above
Call it what you want
I call it love

Blood runs high, and wrong or right
They lose their heads, run off one night
And what’s done can’t be undone
Thinkin’ life’s an easy thing
A borrowed dress and a wedding ring
Eighteen, and that’s too young


Time goes on and in a while
It’s a rented room and a month old child
And they’re down
To just gettin’ by
It’s hard to laugh when life’s that way
People shake their heads and say
They won’t make it
Oh, but they might


To play the most songs, including I Call It Love by Mel McDaniel by ukulele, the most crucial basic ukulele chords to learn are C chord, D chord, G chord, and Em chord.
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