His Shoes by Billy Ray Cyrus Ukulele Chords

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His Shoes chords has rhythm and included in Shot Full of Love (1998) album.
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His Shoes by Billy Ray Cyrus Ukulele Chords

1998, Mercury Records
9:53 AM 12/9/2004

Intro: (Em7) (D) (C) (D) x 2

(Em7) I remember the (D) time
Before you were (C) mine
And I was (D) dying to be in his (Em7) shoes
Now he’s gone a(D)way
And I’m in his (C) place
But his (D) memory hasn’t (G) moved
The shadow he (C) cast just grows (D) larger than (Em7) life
(G) How can the (C) past cut two (F) hearts like a (D) knife

(G) I can’t walk a(C)way
But how can I (F) stay
Any (D) way I step I (G) lose
My back’s to the (C) wall
I stumble and (F) fall
Trying to (D) live my life in his (Em7) shoes

[(D)] [(C)] [(D)]
(Em7) He wasn’t a (D) saint
So what are these (C) chains
He (D) holds on both of (Em7) us
You give it your (D) best
But you can’t for(C)get
And my (D) love’s not strong enou(G)gh
To put out a (C) fire that (D) someone else (Em7) lit
(G) Or walk in the (C) footprints that (F) never will (D) fit

Repeat Chorus


Repeat Chorus

Fade out…(keep playing the intro)

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