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If you are looking for Hero ukulele chords, you have come to the best place.
You can play versatile instrument Hero using ukulele or guitar.
This song by Tantric can also be played by that instruments.

Hero chords has rhythm and included in After We Go (2004) album.
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Hero by Tantric Ukulele Chords

There’s a decided lack of tabs and chords for Tantric’s “After We Go” album, so I
figured I’d start with my favorite track off the CD. So far it sounds pretty close
to the rhythmic acoustic part, but I’ve probably missed a couple of spots, so check
the bottom of the page for contact information.




Before you go, [Cadd9+3] just listen

And I’m sorry

[Cadd9+3] For all the things I’ve done to you

You know that I’m sorry[Cadd9+3]

For all the things I’ve put you through[Cadd9+3]



You see I

You see I never did realize

How it must have felt in your eyes

[Cadd9+3]Complacency was my disguise

Until the day that I found you

Will I ever see the day

When I turn around and say

[Cadd9+3]Things shouldn’t be this way

But all I know is

I feel all alone[Cadd9+3]



And all I ever wanted

Was to be your hero

And all I ever wanted

Was to be your friend


The bridge is of the same form as the verse, just play it along with the track and
everything should sound fine.

This is my first time attempting to listen to a song and chord it out formally, so
input will be greatly appreciated. Furthermore, if anyone knows the REAL name for
the Cadd9+3 (just a Cadd9 chord, but there’s an additional third thrown in there is
how I figured I’d notate it) please email me!

This will probably go through about 29 edits before it’s completely finished and sounds
perfect, but maybe with something to go off of other people can tell me what doesn’t
sound right to them shrugs

email me at: davefhammond@gmail.com

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