Automatic Rejector by Screeching Weasel Ukulele Chords

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Automatic Rejector chords has rhythm and included in Wiggle (1993) album.
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Automatic Rejector by Screeching Weasel Ukulele Chords


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#Date: Fri, 12 Jan 1996 22:13:38 -0500
#Subject: CRD: “Automatic Rejector,” Screeching Weasel
#”Automatic Rejector”
#performed by Screeching Weasel
#written by Ben Weasel, Danny Vapid, Jughead, John Personality, and Dan Panic
#(C) 1992 No Budget Productions
#(P) 1992 Lookout! Records
#from the Lookout! Records release Wiggle (LK 63 LP/CS/CD)
#transcribed by Mike Ripplinger (

The lead is a single note, struck once and bent. Usually it is a C#,
played at the 9th fret on the high E, but after the second chorus there is a
brief key change, at which time it is a D#, played at the 11th fret on the
high E.
pmf rest your picking palm across the strings and strike the chord up and
down, creating a “palm-mute/feedback” sound.

Automatic Rejector
[ C# / F# ] x2
[ C# / F# ] (with lead) x4
He had a big mouth
He didn’t know when to stop
He said, “Maybe we’ll see some
Action tonight from that bitch” but he was wrong
She’s the automatic rejector
She’s the automatic rejector
[ C# / F# ] (with lead) x4
He came up behind her
And started grabbing her tits
See, his hands and his mouth
Pulled the same kind of shit
And when she pulled out her gun
She said, “Why don’t you suck on this”
[Repeat Chorus]
[ C# / F# ] (with lead) x4
[ D# / G# ] (with lead) x2
[ C# / F# ] (with lead) x2
[Repeat Chorus]
[Outro: C#-F#-C# / F#] Repeat this with “Automatic rejector, automatic
rejector…” End on C#. The outro’s lead is one note: C#, played at the
11th fret on the D string.

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