Angel by Shaggy Ukulele Chords

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Angel by Shaggy Ukulele Chords

Song: Angel
Artist: Shaggy


Embellished by Jason E. Weber ( from the original
transcribed by Mike Szymczak (

This was originally on here, but it needed some embellishment and the verses
seemed wonky. I think it’s completely the same chord progression over and over again:

Girl you?re my angel, you?re my darling ang[-]el

I do a one strum hit on the last C and D and then in the verse, I eliminate the last D.

I’ve adjusted the sheet below. Give it a try.

Intro : G C D C – D

Girl you?re my angel, you?re my darling an[-]gel
Closer than my peeps you are to me, ba[-]by
Shorty you?re my angel, you?re my darling an[-]gel
Girl you are my friend when I?m in need ,la[-]dy

Life a one big party when you?re still young
But who?s gonna have your back when it all done
It?s all good when you live to have pure fun
Can?t be a fool son
What about the long run

Looking back shorty always a mention
Say me not giving her much attention
She was there through mi incarceration
Wanna show the nation
My appreciation

You?re a queen and that?s how you should be treated
Though you never get the loving that you needed
Coulda left but I called and you heeded
Begged and I pleaded
Mission completed
A no she that I and I a dis the program
Not the type to mess around with your emotions
But the feeling that I have for you are so strong
Been together so long
This could never be wrong.

(Repeat once)
Girl in-spite of my behavior , you?re my savior
Must be sent from up above
You appear to me so tender I surrender
Thanks for giving me your love. (Repeat)

Repeat &

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